C.I.B, FI, SE, BALT, EE, LV & LT CH, BALT, EE, LV & LT JCH, HeW-12, HeJW-12 LVJW-13 Xtravaschnauza Isobel

Tiu is the most succesful Xtravaschnauza show-wise, even though I have been showing her very sparingly. She debuted in the biggest show in Finland at the Helsinki Fair Centre and went all the way to BOS under a breed specialist judge. She has won titles, CACIBs and big shows under specialists easily throughout her career. Tiu is a compact, harsh-coated, nice-boned bitch with lovely movements and beautiful p&s colour. 


“Tiu”, bitch, b. 12/2011, 33 cm

Sire & Dam:


C.I.B Ch Koriander iz Salskoy stepi x Ch Xtravaschnauza Agatha

 Co-owner:   Anne Huotari
Show results:   CACIB x 7, CAC x 7, BOB x 4, BOS x 4

Helsinki Winner 2012, Helsinki Junior Winner 2012
Latvian Junior Winner & BOS 2013
Lithuanian Schnauzer Club Winner 2013

In other words:   “Excellent size, feminine head with strong muzzle, big white teeth,
nice dark eye, ears need to settle. Excellent topline, well muscled,
short deep body, excellent coat and colour and good trimming.
Well handled.”
– Dodo Sandahl
Health results:   Eyes clear 26.5.2014
Knees 0/0
Myotonia congenita: N/MC, carrier



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