FI, EE & LV CH, BALT, EE, LV & LT JCH Xtravaschnauza Juilliard

Julle is a compact male with long neck, impressive head and wonderful egoistic posture. So alert in the showring! He is very much like his father Romeo, only there’s a little bit more of everything. He has been in a rolled coat from the very beginning. He is an Xtravaschnauza in the third generation with my plenty of mental character tested dogs in the pedigree. He is very open, happy and friendly – goes along well in all situations – calms down well when necessary but is full of action and speed when something’s going on.


“Julle”, male, b. 9/2012, 34,5 cm


Sire & Dam:


C.I.B Ch Manit’s Capulet vs Montague x C.I.B Ch Xtravaschnauza Chamonix

Co-owner:   Family Lindh
    Eyes clear 8/2013
Knees 0/0
Myotonia congenita: N/N, non-carrier



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