C.I.B FI, BALT, EE, LV & LT CH, LV & LT JCH, LVJW-15, RIGAW-15, EEW-16 Xtravaschnauza Latitude

Otto is a wonderful young man with strong bone, super harsh coat, strong angulations and lovely outline. He is ideal in size, yet very masculine and good on leg. I really think he is one of the best dogs I have ever bred and look forward to our future together!


“Otto”, male, b. 2/2014, 34,5 cm

 Sire & Dam:  

Ch Xtravaschnauza Juilliard x Ch Liberté de Trufas Negras

Breeder & owner:   Heli Lillbacka
Co-owner:   Keijo Niemi
 Health results:   Eyes clear 28.4.2015
Knees 0/0
Heart: no murmur
Myotonia congenita: N/N, non-carrier 
Show results:   CACIB x 7, BOB x 4, BOS x 3

Latvian Junior Winner 2015, BOS
Riga Winner 2015, BOB
Estonian Winner 2016

In other words:   “Substanceful male, excellent hair condition and colour, very typical
head, correct ears, dry neck, strong back, correct tail set, chest is
broad and steep, moves very well with good drive.”
-Horst Kliebenstein


More pictures of Otto:  


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